Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day One

Day One
Day One by кαιтℓιη ♬ ☮ on Polyvore.com

Yah. I've started a lot of these thingy things but I've never finished any. SO NOW ITS DETERMINATION, PEOPLE. ;) First: Christine: Heyyy gurrll. You should get a Polyvore. Even though you barely go on the computer. And spill about your love life! I don't have one so I'm living it out in yours. Second: Samira (Other Bestie): Haha. I barely talk to you even though we sit right next to eachother and stuff. So yeah. Hey. And you didn't hug me today >:D Third: Amy: Hi. Um yeah, I talk to you a lot. And I mean a lot. DEENNIMM!!! And stop calling me a goth, because I'm not. I'm sorry if I wear a lot of black, okayy??? AND I'M NOT TACKY EITHERRR. (She calls me Queen of Tacky) Fourth: Crush (Person is Hidden): Hi. I love you. Kay thanks bai. Fifth: Random British Person my age: Hey. Marry me? Even if you don't know me? Haha jk. I'm already in love. Sixth: J.K. Rowling: Please make more books? Please? I don't really care if it's Harry Potter or not, but that would be nice, but please just write more. I need to devour more of your books. Seventh: Cupcake Cooks: Please invent a cupcake that tastes like bacon and pizza and chocolate ice cream and apple pie and every single food I like just so I could eat all my favorite foods at once. And please don't put so much icing on, because when people do that I have a tendency to gag a bit. Eighth: Random Low-self-esteem person: No matter what other people tell you, always remember you're beautiful. You might not see it, but I do. Just remember that, and let nothing bring you down. Ninth: People who create these "day" thingys: Please exchange Day One with Day Three. I have a lot of requirements. Tenth: The Person Currently Reading this Post: Thank you. Even if you don't plan on liking this post, or commenting, thank you for just taking a few minutes to scan my feeble post in hopes of amusing yourself, or procrastinating. So yeahh. :)

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