Monday, June 20, 2011

In reply to this: Sorry for the lateness... I was preoccupied.

1. I'm 11. Yes, I'm young. Don't judge.
2. My birthday's on January 9th.
3. I live in New Jersey. Its not very interesting.
4. I'm very fond of British people.
5. I don't really like my name that much, I'd much rather have a name like Angeline or Veronica. Something like that.
6. My favorite color is sort of a blue-green, more to the green than blue. Sort of like the color of my name in the set.
7. I love music. I change my favorite song day by day, but they're usually by the same group of band/singers.
8. Said group of bands/singers: Tom Felton, VersaEmerge, Panic! at the Disco, Bruno Mars, Mae, Brad Kavanagh, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and others that my loser brain can't think of right now.
9. My brain isn't really a loser. I'm actually pretty smart.
10. My parents, well, I don't really get along with them. Most of the time they irritate me and sometimes I want to, you know, have a tantrum, but they're parents.
11. I'm extremely sarcastic. But one of best friends is even more so.
12. I don't really have a definite fashion style. I get influenced by mah Polypeeps, obviously, and by my sister.
13. If you looked in my closet you'd see graphic tees, skinny jeans, frilly skirts, flowy blouses, jackets, girly dresses, and other random clothes. You see what I'm talking about.

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