Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey, guys! Its Kaitlin, and I'm just another tip girl on this account ^-^. This is my first tip ever, so if it sucks, I'm terribly sorry. Oh, and my username is @kaitlintheowl. Certified fashion-setter.
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1. A color scheme.
This is perhaps the most basic, yet important step in the process. All you do is choose one or more colors (that look good together. A neutral color scheme or no color scheme at all {like so: } is perfectly cool too.) If you don't have a bunch of pictures, fillers, and clothes saved of that color already, you may have to go on a huge scavenger hunt!
Pictures are very easy to find (search for collections, -insert color- pictures, and you're good to go) but hipster fillers are pretty difficult. Its easy to find preppy collections, as there are a ton of them, but searching hipster fillers will help. A lot.
Try to find at least two pages of pictures and three pages of fillers, more or less depending on the style of fashion set you'll be making.

2. The inspiration.
Well, this step is optional, but if you're a beginning hipster-fashion-set-maker, then you'll need some inspiration!
There's a lot of different ways you can go with this.
The following people's fashion sets are infinitely amazing. Inspiration filled, in my opinion.
There's more. I'm definitely forgetting a lot.
...that's a long list. I'm sorry for that.
Oh, and apparently my sets are cool too.

3. The ACTUAL fashion set.
Congratulations! If you've made it this far through my rambling tips, you deserve an award.
Anyway, first start off with a square frame. Its optional, but personally, it looks so much better when everything is all square and neat and filling up the entire space.
I, for one, like to start by putting a rather large picture up in the corner, then putting some more pictures bordering that, then some fillers, then some repeating text a long with some clothes. Its fairly simple, and you'll get the hang of it.
Its best to not have all the pictures and fillers all clustered up together. Leave an even white space between EVERYTHING.
Also, when you put the clothes in, select "custom background." and put a white border around the clothes. This makes it look much more neat, and makes the clothes pop out. Or at least that's what I think.
Or you can just disregard the clothes and just make everything fillers and pictures. No shame in that.
When you've filled it all up with clothes, text, pictures, and fillers, remove the border. It makes the set much nicer-looking, trust me.

This might be a tad difficult, but in time, making hipster-type fashion sets will be a gentle breeze.
Hopefully this actually helps you >.<

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